Sponsors & Donors

Gifting options


Generous supporters wishing to help with the aims of The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra may do so as one or more of the following.


A major part of our SYO operations continue as a result of the sponsorship support received from organisations & individuals.

Sponsorships may be negotiated to purposes nominated by the gifting sponsor, such as named events, orchestra sections, and player scholarships – usually for commitments of 3-5 years.

Donor – Partners

The SYO can offer tax-deductibility for any donations ($2 or more) received, and we categorise such gifting as PARTNERSHIPS (on an annual total July/June basis) as follows:

Platinum, $1500 or more

Gold, $500 – $1499

Silver, $250 – $499

Bronze, $50 – $249

Other, less than $50

Legacy – Partners

If you wish to make a become a donor please download the following form and complete it.


a) For intending SPONSORS or LEGACY PARTNERS, please first contact our committee for guidance.

b) For Partner-Donor gifts on which tax-deductibility is wanted, please make payments to: “S.Y.O. Tax-deductible Donations account”

c) For Legacy Partner gifts, please read the following guide:

LEGACY PARTNERS for Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra

Residents and supporters of the SYO are encouraged to make provision in their wills to support its longer-term aims.

Such testamentary provision may be worded for such a donor as follows (as a guide) :
“I give free of all duties and taxes to the Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra Inc (ABN 82 454 019 217)

(specify $ amount, or percentage of estate, or describe property or other assets) absolutely.”

Or should a donor decide to request their gift to be directed to a specific program or aspect of SYO operation:

“I give free of all duties and taxes to the Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra Inc (ABN 82 454 019 217) (specify $ amount, or percentage of estate, or describe property or other assets) to be applied in furtherance of the objects of (insert the specific program or project).”

When informed of such a bequest, with donor permission the SYO will acknowledge their support in a variety of ways.

By naming the Orchestra as a beneficiary in their Will, they will become listed as a Legacy Partner – and receive invitations to special events each year and have the opportunity to meet our young musicians and hear them perform.

In event of the donor’s death and completion of their legacy wishes for the Orchestra their Legacy Partner status continues and is recognised in perpetuity.

TAX DEDUCTIBILITY – the S.Y.O. as a registered cultural charity may issue tax-deductible receipts, for donations including legacy donations at time of gifting in an estate’s execution. However the specific tax situation of an estate finally determines this, as established by its executor.




Our deepest thanks to those giving financial support to the SYO in the past year. To become a Partner please complete and return SYO Partners form 2015 .


Major Sponsor in 2015

Shoalhaven Arts Board, of Shoalhaven City Council


Sponsors in 2015

Berry Community Activities Centre


Partners for 2015


Mr & Mrs Warren Halloran [Life]

Heinz Bauchler



GOLD Partner:

Dr Francis & Mrs Alison Antonio

Clive & Sue Brooks

Nicholas & Rosalind Drake

Helen & Toby Greenacre


Elaine Langshaw

SILVER Partner:

John Anderson OAM

Nowra Unity Lodge No.60

Brian Outten

Ann Sudmalis

BRONZE Partner:

Allan Baptist OAM

Laurie Ball

Felicity Coghlan

CC Cook

Steven Coy

David Cunningham

Konsta Duesing

Barbara Farnham

Annette Foster

Grant Gleeson

Steve Glenday

Mrs Joyce Hammond 

Janet Lay

Les & Lily Lawrenson

AD Learmont

BH Learmont

Mr F Loong

Margaret Joan McKinley

Jan Miller

Dianne Murray

Bob Redenbach

Noeline Sandblom

RR & AA Smith

David & Helen Turvey

Rae Watson

Merilyn Weiss


John Anderson OAM

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